Monday, June 28, 2010

Dear Joshua

I finally finished the memory book of our short time together. It should be here by the time of your 1st angelversary.  You will forever be my little angel boy.  Our time together was so short.  I was not aware of you until I was 24 weeks and then you slipped away so silently at 37 weeks.  13 weeks just wasn't enough time with your sweet spirit.  Time will march on and we will be together again someday. 
Love you forever my sweet angel boy,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memorial Day for Joshua

My handsome boys

 Joshua's headstone on Memorial day.  The cemetery was beautiful.  Every where we looked there were flowers, balloons, sentiments and people.  A beautiful summer day to see our loved ones.  I love Joshua's site.  It is a sacred beautiful place to be. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


A very unique combination of things have happened to bring the subject of hope into my mind.  I have longed hoped for another baby.  Not that one could replace my Joshua just one I could hold and love.   I have watched (blog watched) numerous baby loss moms go through successful pregnancies and deliver nice beautiful babies.  This has brought hope in my heart and overwhelming joy for them and their families.   Also tragedies that happen come to life as more angel moms join forums and another mom of angel twins just had an angel boy.  Heartbreaking to me.  But her message of hope to try again has soothed my soul.  It struck a cord of peace to me to hear of her desire to have a child.  It is the desire of many I know who deal with infertility and loss.