Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Faces of Hope/Faces of Loss

Write about something special a friend, family member, or other loved one did for you after your baby(ies) died that really touched your heart.

This has been on the fore front of my mind as I enter the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy with our new baby. and just got put on modified bed rest because of blood clots. Our family had many great things happen for us but the ones that stand out the most.
1. My daughter's best friend invited her to come play.  She did not know anything had happened and her mom had just felt like she needed to stay home that day from work and they needed my 11 year old to come play.   My mom was home with my kids and the mom of her friend called to find out why my sweetie was struggling and my mom told her.  She spent the rest of the day doing Shelby's hair, nails, toes etc... with her daughter of course.    She did what I could not.  Shelby was absolutely beautiful and she felt that way when she came and held her baby brother.  I appreciate to this day her kindness and listening to the prompting to stay home from work and help my baby.  
2. My sweet husband's work sent us flowers at the hospital.  They had a beautiful bird in a birdhouse and the flowers were so beautiful.  They gave me something to focus on through the delivery and pain of leaving the hospital empty.  I knew my husband had a good support system.  Many men do not have that but he did and I was grateful. 
3. My in-laws had flowers in our room at home along with a precious moments angel boy to go with the rest of our family pieces..  It was beautiful still is.  They are so good to me.  They all came to the small grave side service we had.  
4. My brothers and sister and spouses,They were all at the grave side service and they presented us with this picture.  I love it.  I often think of my sweet son with my Savior.  Maybe walking together . It is beautiful


5.  My neighbors and friends tried to think of things to do for us, They tried their best and at the time I was grateful but nothing really helped me but the retrospect and thinking it did help and I appreciated their thoughtfulness.  The reason it did not help me was my own not theirs.  I hate to be the center of attention.  But oh how I needed them.     Flowers, calling the kids to play, kind notes, dinner, beautiful pictures of Christ, encouraging words, the hugs, free haircuts for me and the kids, you name it our family was enveloped in the arms of love and kindness. 
6.  Prayers of others. I know for sure these helped in the darkest moments of the nights to follow.