Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have a lady I known for a long time.  She recently lost her 21 year old brother just after his return from his mission from a seizure .  As I was reading his obituary I was shocked to see the parents had lost two girls ages 4, and 5  years earlier also.  My heart hurt for these beautiful parents.  I do not know them at all but three children buried and gone before them.  OUCH.  The lady in my neighborhood also had an infant son die at birth.  Heartbreaking on all accounts.  The grief and pain is only bearable I am sure by the knowledge they will see them again someday. At this Easter season I am grateful for a Savior who is mighty to save and to succor his people in their darkest of hours.    My He bless everyone who grieves for the loved ones in their lives.