Monday, August 4, 2014

Anchor in Heaven

I love this post.  As we hit the five year mark of our sweet Joshua --- I see pieces of this.  There is still the very hard moments when things bring you back to the what could have been....   My two youngest have really taken an interest in our Joshua lately.  Neither of them have a remembrance of him on this earth.  Rachel was 2 1/2 and Jarom wasn't born.  We were driving on errands recently and Jarom pipes up out of the blue with " you know our Joshua looks just like our Daddy"   and I just smile and say yes he does. We moved this year and were in a different house and with different people.  I never know exactly how much to bring and what to say.....  Joshua and his sweet spirit is an important sacred part of me and people do not always accept him as here and real.      Joshua is our anchor in heaven.  At Christmas and at his birthday we always use these times to mark what we are doing to make sure we are in our chair in heaven and can spend time with our sweet boy.  5 years closer.  Love you son..

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